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CDC Plentiful

Wheat – CWRS

CDC Plentiful offers high yield, exceptional quality and a comprehensive disease package including the best available resistance (MR) to fusarium head blight.  In addition, this variety is 3 days earlier than Carberry.  As an added bonus it is part of the Warburton program.

Yield Performance

CDC Plentiful
AC Barrie

Source: Source:, Sask. Seed 2017, Seed Manitoba 2017



Yield (Western Canada)

97 - 106%*


  • Early to medium

Disease Resistance

  • MR rating to FHB

  • R to leaf and stem rust, MR to stripe rust

  • l to bunt

Desirable Attricutes

  • High gluten strength

  • High protein

  • Part of the Warburton program

  • Easy to thresh

*Percentage of check

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